Started as an unintentional project; a compulsive habit of taking pictures after a moment of shared intimacy, these pictures result from a need to immortalise a moment out of time. This goal is never reached and the photos always fail to fulfill their initial purpose.

Le code - Myth Syzer Si l'on ride - ICHON (feat. Muddy Monk) Femme Fantôme - Lockhart (avec Fishbach) Le Soleil Brille - Destin Du fond de mon lit - Michel Colombier Coco - Les Yeux Orange Kitty's Cool Beams - Pinkshinyultrablast Danse - Lomepal (feat. Lost) Teen sex - Infinite Bisous Cabrioli - Moussa The Story Of A Magnificient Blowjob - Basile di Manski Champagne Coast - Blood Orange

That time when I realized it was actually happening

That time when you lived in a shop but you were the type of man who objectified women

That time you wanted to visit Paris by night

That time we soaked the entire place

That time when we messed things up

That time when there was love

That time when I liked you for no reason and then I figured out I didn’t

That time you were an ass and had a cute one too

That time when you calmed me down

That time when we shared a secret

That time when pine needles hurt

That time when one little man came to tell me he was sorry for all the dumb stuff men say to women without caring about his rudeness